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Landscape and Urban Design

Hiriya masterplan proposals: The overall masterplan and habitat masterplan

Rollover Images: Hiriya masterplan proposals: Sections through clay model and concept for a Tropical Butterfly House

Rollover Images:

Large Scale: Sketch masterplan designed on sustainability principles.

Medium Scale:Sketch plan for urban square designed onsustainability principles

urban palza

Sketch view for an urban piazza above and rollover views for urban squares/links and gardens between housing below


Landscape and urban design covers a vast range of fields. The basis for successful design lies in the balance between function (commodity), the appropriate use of materials and details (firmness) and providing pleasure to the senses and the intellect, i.e aesthetics (delight). Urban design centres on layers of often complex interrelated issues. Benz Kotzen has a particular interest in microclimate, noise and in tall buildings in cities.

In order for landscape and urban design to remain relevant in the 21st century, design needs to also take due account of sustainability issues and sustainable solutions. The interest of Benz Kotzen Sustainable Landscape Arch. is towards innovative, interesting and exciting sustainable solutions that have relevance to people and the environment. Ecology and the enhancement of habitat is also a key factor and Benz Kotzen has successfully worked with many ecologists in planning integrated landscape and ecological schemes.

Urban design centres on layers of often complex interrelated issues.

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Design requires relevant strategies: The above diagram illustrates a sustainable paradigm

for design in arid regions but which is also relevant in other areas as well

Design on a small scale - a chidren's play ground / Design on a larger scale - strategies to enhance

environmental quality and thus quality of life for people

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